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No other firm has Tax Point Advisors’ industry leading audit success rate.We’re a leading national provider of specialty tax services, including 179D Energy Deductions, and Research and Development Tax Credit studies.

Our qualified staff of accountants, attorneys, PhDs, and licensed professional engineers work together to maximize our clients’ tax benefits.
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What We Do

Tax Point Advisors – America’s leading national Energy Deductions and R&D Tax Credit Experts –  is comprised of a team of certified professional engineers, CPAs and tax attorneys dedicated to helping CPAs and their clients claim substantial energy deductions and Federal and state Research and Development Tax Credits. We serve CPAs and clients from our offices across the U.S.

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Why Choose TPA?

Tax Point Advisors, America’s premier provider of both Energy Deduction and Research and Development Tax Credit studies, comprises a trusted team of CPAs, certified professional engineers, and tax attorneys, providing the highest degree of professional service.

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Do You Qualify?

At Tax Point Advisors, we truly honor every CPA and client relationship. We pride ourselves on conducting our services with the utmost integrity. Find out now if you qualify!

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Featured News: Simplified Credit Now Allowed on Amended Returns. Click here to learn more.
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